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The many diseases afflicting large populations across the globe are one of the major drawbacks to human developement. Although important progress has been made in finding solutions to these diseases, new challenges continue to emerge, either from new forms of the old pathogens, or due to emergenece of entirely new types of illnesses. Some of the older but still important global challenges include HIV AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, persistent polio while new challenges include SARS, Avian Influence and Ebola. The importance of diseases varies considerably in different parts of the world. For example the older challenges listed above are of major importance in tropical areas, largely developing countries. Some of the new challenges still have importance in developed countries, but investments in drug discovery technologies is expected to bring in solutions soon. There are other health challenges, e.g. obesity, heart illness that are largely reated to lifestyles particularly in developed countries, but increasingly gaining importance in developing nations. All these challenges require a concerted effort and cooperation between various actors across the globe towards finding sustainable solutions.

This page will provide links to information resources that will help to understand issues related to human health and how they can be comprehensively addressed in n Africa and other developing countries. Any relevant material is welcome for publication.

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