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Conservation and Biodiversity



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It is now well recognised that nature has bestowed upon mankind various resources to support livelihoods, but these are finite and require above average stewardship if they are to last. Biodiversity, here seen broadly to cover the entire spectrum of flora and fauna, has provided numerous services and products that enhance the quality of life. These include food, fibre, fodder, medicines, environmental clean up services etc. However, overexploitation has led to loss of biological species and in some cases to diminishing utility of the remaining biota. There is now an urgent need to catalogue the existing stock, determine where we are at and set a clear path to be followed to ensure whatever is remaining of biodiversity is well conserved and only exploited sustainably.

This page will provide links to information resources that will help to understand issues related to exploitation and conservation of biodiversity in Africa and other developing countries. Any relevant material is welcome for publication.

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